Thursday, December 13, 2012

Oh, drama

I hate to get off topic so early in my blogging life, but I have to get this out there. Two weeks ago, my mother was diagnosed with Stage 2 lung cancer. She is 53, and so full of life. It sounds typical, but my mother really is my best friend. We see each other every day, and call or text constantly. Her being a younger, single mom meant that she was my whole world. And aside from the kiddo and hubs, she still is. She's a petite 5'2'' and about 100 pounds soaking wet.
It was fluky the way we found out. She was having a minor surgery, so they were doing those standard pre-surgery blood tests. Her white count was high and doc decided to put her on antibiotics before and after the surgery just to clear whatever it was up. But the post-surgery blood tests came back with high white count again. Perplexed, they sent her to an oncologist. More tests, and a PET scan. We were sure that they were going to come back and say that she had a bladder infection or something stupid, and we'd be on our way. Side note- have you ever sat in an oncologists waiting room? It's the saddest place in the world. We were sitting in there waiting to see the doc, making each other laugh like the jackasses we are until we were crying, and in the most inappropriate place. A gentleman was wheeled in by his wife, and as she was checking him in, he started crying uncontrollably. That got us to stop our joking, for sure. What were we doing there? We didn't belong there with all those dying people!
But it turns out she has a pretty sizable mass in her right lung. It was shocking to hear, but not totally unexpected, as she is a lifelong smoker. She will be having surgery next week to remove the upper lobe of her lung, possibly the middle lobe as well.
I have to say that this is probably the most stress I've experienced ever in my life. Between being out of work, and having hub's dad living with us, and my own medical shit, my mother's diagnosis is pushing me over the edge. I used to turn to food to relieve my stress, but thankfully Atkins has taken that desire from me.  I'm trying to find another outlet.

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