Thursday, December 13, 2012

Where have you been all my low carbbing life?

Hubs and I eat lunch out a lot. He works nights, sleeps in way later than necessary, so lunch is our together time. 

I've been looking around at low carb message boards, like Low Carb Friends, for new places to eat, and Jimmy John's comes up a lot. A sub place on a low carb diet? Pshaw! But what makes Jimmy John's unique is the Unwich. A low carber's dream? Perhaps. It certainly does make ordering a lot easier when the low carb option is front and center on the menu (don't believe me? check it out right here). No meekly ordering a salad when everyone else is chomping down on a sub. This thing is a miracle in sandwich engineering; no bread, but wrapped in such a way that you can actually hold it while eating it. Genius! I have to admit, I'm biased toward eating things with my hands, which is why In-N-Out will always win over any burger place where I'm required to use a knife and fork. 

Also, Jimmy John's website has awesome nutritional information. Pick your sandwich and you can add and subtract ingredients. It will recalculate with each ingredient. Makes knowing what you want to order a whole lot easier!

This one, incidentally is a #9 Italian Night Club with Turkey substituted for the ham. It was delicious. Jimmy John's will be added to the regular lunchtime rotation.
The Unwich

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  1. If you have them in your area, try Red Robin. They will serve any burger "protein style."